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New Blog Series: Little Pink Book

II am a firm believer that girls should date smart. There’s too much advice telling us not to be too picky, and not enough advice telling us to be intentional with what we want or that we should have standards. I’m not here for taking what I can get. I’m here for respect, good conversations, and meeting my non-negotiables.

I know dating isn’t perfect in 2018 (or ever), but I’m big on learning from experience and not making the same mistake twice (…ok, three times). Little Pink Book is a blog series encompassing the lessons I learn in dating as an ambitious, Christian twentysomething in a big city. It’s about stories. It’s about enjoying the journey while taking ourselves seriously enough. It’s about learning to laugh at things that used to make us cry. I want Little Pink Book to empower us start a conversation about how to make dating work for us, and not the other way around.

I’m excited about this project, and I hope you are too! Please feel free to share your stories–I’d love to hear them. Here’s to 2018 being our year.


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