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6 Goals For the Second Half of My Twenties

sSo this is it: I’m a quarter century old! I haven’t really been big on my birthdays, but I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. This feels like the start of a new period in my life. Up to now, I’ve been going to school. I’ve thought a bit about what I’d like to do, tried, failed, and it feels like I’ve been kind of waiting for a life beyond school to come within reach. Now, it seems like I’m finally getting there.

Even though this last year has had some really difficult moments, and I’ve learned that life doesn’t always go the way we want it to, I’m still so hopeful about this year of life ahead of me. There are 6 things in particular that I want to focus on.

Spend More Time on Things that Matter to Me

I’m learning more and more how important time is. It’s finite, and no matter how we spend it, it’s gone after we use it! When I think back to how I spent the last few years, I realize that I spent a lot of that time on feelings and activities that didn’t really make me happy. I’ve procrastinated, turned down opportunities to do things I’ve really wanted to do, people-pleased, and spent too much time being sad & insecure. Now, I want to take opportunities because I genuinely want them, not because they’re available and they seem like they’d look good. I don’t want to make decisions about my future based on what other people want. I want to make decisions based on the kind of life I’d like to live. I want to get better at saying no–to opportunities, things, and people that aren’t what I want. At the same time, I want to get better at saying yes to what gets me unquestionably excited, even if it makes me nervous. I don’t want to let my insecurities get in the way of making the most of my life. They’ve had enough of my time.

Explore the Careers I’m Interested In

I’m finding that we can’t outrun our interests. I’ve been interested in designing things since I was a kid, and even though I’ve pursued other things, my design interest has been tugging at me for the past two years or so. This year, I want to get some exposure to the field and see whether it’s something I can see myself doing. I’ll take a course, find a part-time job in a related field, go to events and/or try to make some contacts. Careers are huge decisions and something I’ll need to pray about, but gathering information probably wouldn’t hurt.

Get to Know Someone I’m Dating

So far, I’ve been treating dating a bit like a game. I’ve been meeting different people and then trying to stay one step ahead of them so I don’t get hurt. This approach has been helpful in terms of helping me to learn about what’s important to me in a guy, but it hasn’t been very good in terms of allowing me to get to know someone. I’ve been bouncing from first date to first date, avoiding second and third dates, and trying hard not to get attached because I’m all too aware that they might ghost me or lose interest. But I think it’s time I let my guard down a bit and be open to getting to know a guy over several dates.

Get Involved

When I think about the kind of life I want to build for myself, it’s really important to me to help people regularly and be part of a community. It’s so easy to develop a lifestyle that revolves solely around me and what I want, and I really want to avoid that. I want to get involved in some kind of organization or activity where I can be in a group that’s focused on the wellbeing of others. Even though building a career, dating, and growing up are exciting, there’s not a lot of things that can top the feeling of helping someone or knowing that you belong somewhere.

Get Organized

Organization, timeliness, and routines have been an absolute struggle for me since I was a little kid. Paper piles up on my desk, I usually find myself doing things at the last minute to meet a deadline, and it’s not uncommon that I’m finding  myself with a lot less time to get somewhere or do work because I’ve lost track of time. All of this makes me feel like my life is running ahead of me, and that I’m always trying and failing to catch up with it. It’s stressful, and with higher stakes higher at this point in my life (i.e. my bad habits could undermine career- and relationship-building opportunities), I really can’t afford to be disorganized anymore. I need to develop a routine and stick to it, and just do what I have to do instead of waiting for a “perfect” time or putting it off indefinitely. My life will be so much less stressful that way!

Maintain a Social Life

I tend to neglect my social life when I have other things going on. I love people (yes, introverts love people), but because I don’t need a lot of social activity to keep me going, it can be a while before I realize that I haven’t been paying attention to my social life. I want to go out more. After all, my 20s is the time when I can do all the things I’ve dreamed about doing since I was a kid (girls’ nights out in sparkly dresses, dancing the night away, listening to live music in a cute restaurant somewhere), so I shouldn’t waste them. Yes, I’m broke (#gradschoollife) but I’m not so broke that I can’t afford a $10 comedy show ticket once or twice a month.

Cheers to an amazing year ahead! I know birthdays are one time things, but I feel ready to celebrate the whole year! And if it’s your birthday today: happy birthday, you beautiful person! May this be a year that surpasses your dreams!

Question: what were/are you doing at age 25? If you’re not 25, what do you hope to be doing when you are?

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14 comments on “6 Goals For the Second Half of My Twenties

  1. Okay, It’s offficial – I’M LATE!!! Gosh!! I just asked how you spent your birthday on another comment and here it is above…lol. Well, Sis I’m glad you’re getting all this down right now, which is very good. I wasn’t thinking about this when I was 25, my mind was on being loved so bad until I wouldn’t have recognized these points if they hit me on the head. I learned some hard lessons in my 20’s and was still learning at 25 but hadn’t quite learned to actually put any of it into practice.

    That’s why admire you and your blog and the accomplishments you’ve made thus far. You make me wish I could go back to my 20’s and be a badazz (I didn’t curse..hehe, that’s azz) just like you. What I’m trying to say?, You got it going on Sis and I know sometimes you may feel like you don’t but girl, I am soooooo proud of you in more ways than one. Keep discovering your worth and don’t let anyone keep you from being the girlboss you are. I pray my daughter’s mind is well rounded as yours when she gets in her 20’s….especially her mid 20’s.

    Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful. Keep Shining 💜💚🧡💛

    • Hey! To be fair, that was last year’s birthday post. I’m an old azz 26 years old now, and there was no birthday post for that LOL. My 25th birthday was really fun, though. I went out with some friends to one of my favourite spots in the city. It’s kind of like an old-school jazz club and they have live Motown music. I bought myself a sparkly dress and I danced the night away! The band even sung me happy birthday! It was one for the books, for sure.

      Thanks for always having an encouraging word for me. Honestly, there’s a lot of value in life experience. I hope your daughter is even better off than I am, and I’m sure she will be since she’s got such an awesome mom!

      Thanks for all the love – reflecting it right back to you, sis! *Hugs*

  2. The first one —- yep! That’s a good one! At 25, I got a grip on my personal finances and worked with a coach to learn how to manage my money. Probably the best decision of my 20s!
    I also read the book “The Defining Decade” by MegJay … you can also watch the 10 minute Ted Talk on YouTube—- changed how I lived the latter half of my twenties! You’re Welcome 😉

    • Yessss! Love that you’re smart with your money! I haven’t thought about a coach but I like the idea of getting advice and will be doing so. Is there a difference between a coach and a financial advisor? Yes! That is a GREAT book that got my behind in gear! I actually posted a review on it not too long ago:

      Would love to hear your thoughts!

      • A coach is someone who helps you set your own financial goals and guides you through accomplishing them —- they work with you in the present, with the money you have today. A financial advisor is more focused on retirement planning. Advising on how to invest for your future. Both are a worthy investment! Best thing I did for myself!

  3. I would really hope at 25 that I’m living my best life and as you said doing things that I want to do/of interest to me. Great list! xoxo

  4. Guess for me, most important thing is to make the best of every moment and season. Awesome list I will say.

  5. At 25 years old, I was a mother of 5, four of them adopted, working to get us a house. I love your list, and let me say this: Enjoy friends now and go out. I have found it hard to start later in life to make friends for life. Also, pray for God’s guidance. Thank you for following us. It means a lot. Regina.

    • Wow! What an amazing amount of responsibility at such a young age! I read some of your posts about raising your kids, and I love how honest you were. You’re a fantastic writer, it was hard for me NOT to follow! Thanks for stopping by and for your advice. I definitelty need to go out with my friends more. I’ll keep praying too, can’t go wrong if I’m listening to God!

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