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The Art of Contentment

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G ncGetting older and becoming more of an adult comes with some growing pains, as my mom calls them. I’ve definitely been going through them.

My twenties have so far been punctuated by a pervasive and increasing sense of uncertainty. Even though I’m learning to cope with the ambiguity of this part of my life, sometimes I struggle with it.

Additionally, moving from the relatively carefree period of my teens and childhood into the ever-increasing responsibility of my twenties has been shocking. And there is a little tint of sadness at the edges of my life as I watch my parents age and bury people I have loved dearly. The sadness comes from the events themselves, but also from the knowledge that such heart-wrenching things are normal.

So how do I make peace with the messiness of life? How do I end up like one of those women who’ve gone through decades of life and some hard things but still celebrate its goodness in the way they live with joy and optimism every day?

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2017 Was Hard, But I’m Still Grateful

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MMerry Christmas & happy holidays! Tradition dictates that the end of the year is when we reflect on the past year, so here’s my version. This year was a strange one. There were some heavy losses mixed in with the start of some really promising things.

The hard stuff included a death of a close loved one, being rejected from professional school again & the blow to my career dreams. Outside of myself, this has been a crazy year  for current events, from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, to the slave trade in Libya, to the Rohingya refugee crisis, to the growing gap between the rich & the underprivileged in Canada & the US.

The good stuff included starting grad school, getting closer with my family & friends, dating, having hope for the future, doing more than I thought I was capable of, completing my year without makeup, and just not having to worry about too much in the grand scheme of things.

Here’s what I’m grateful for in 2017.

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